The following Program Educational Objectives are established for the Electronics & Telecommunication

1.Solve real-life engineering problems exhibiting a solid foundation.
2.Exhibit professional and ethical outlook, teamwork, effective communication.
3.To prepare students for continuous professional and social development through soft skills and self-learning     abilities.
4.Graduates shall have good communication skills, leadership skills, professional, ethical and social     responsibilities.


1. An ability to design electronic circuits and conduct experiments on electronic systems, analyze and interpret   data. Such as Linear Integrated Circuit, VLSI, Microcontroller, Control System, Embedded Systems, and      Communication Systems.
2. An ability to design digital and analog systems and component.
3. An ability to visualize and work on laboratory and multidisciplinary tasks.
4. Skills to use electronic tools, software and equipment to analyze problems.
5. Knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.
6. Confidence for self-education and ability for life-long learning.


1. Students shall have Extra skills and knowledge to design, develop and implement industry.
2. Student shall have good knowledge to design, develop and simulate systems using MATLAB, XILLION,MULTISIM,      KILL, TASAM,FLASH-MAGIC.
3. To develop skill to maintain the basic electronic circuit using various electronic equipment. Also providing the full      basic prerequisite for the advance issues which they will face in the industries.


1.FY .First Year (Semester I and Semester II)
2.SY. Second Year (Semester III and Semester IV)
3.TY. Third Year (Semester V and Semester VI)

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