Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering is a Field of continues practice and innovative Ideas putting in to reality. Since Ancient times Civil Engineering is looking for betterment of community by providing various aspects of livelihood. The field consists of working in the sector of Planning, Design, Construction Maintenance and Management of structures or public works as well as private constructions. It deals with constructions of buildings, bridges, roads, railways, structures, water supply & sewer, irrigation, power & environment. It is Root for every Engineering work followed thereby for the betterment of society.

Keeping in view of creating quality Civil Engineers the branch was established to impart skill based knowledge to improve proficiency of the budding engineers with the help of conduction of industrial trainings, expert lectures, project works, Industrial visits: with a vision of providing Opportunities for student in improving skills related to software’s such as AUTO CAD, Google Sketch up, STAAD PRO, Rivet etc.

With the Rapid growth in industrialization, there has been serious harmful effect on the community Population growth & urbanization have invited new problems in urban planning such as water supply, waste disposal, transportation & global warming. There is need of value based education to overcome all these problems in infrastructural development & to build tomorrow’s Healthy pollution free India. Besides all the negative aspects of developing nations Civil Engineers have to work together with moral, ethics, Knowledge, and Unity to develop good Nation

Prof. S. G. Pande
Head, Department of Civil Engineering,
Faculty of Polytechnic Akole.


1 Name : Mr.Prof. S. G. Pande
Desianation : HOD
Qualifiction : ME Str. BE Civil
Experience : 7
2 Name : Mr.Prof. M.K .Phatangare
Desianation : Lecturer
Qualifiction : ME Str. BE Civil
Experience : 4
3 Name : Mr.Prof. P.B.Wale
Desianation : Lecturer
Qualifiction : ME Str. BE Civil
Experience : 3
4 Name : Mr.Prof. B.S.Kalaskar
Desianation : Lecturer
Qualifiction : BE Civil
Experience : 1
5 Name : Mr.Prof. A. R. Kotkar
Desianation : Lecturer
Qualifiction : ME CM, BE Civil
Experience : 2
6 Name : Mr.Prof. D.B.Deshmukh
Desianation : Lecturer
Qualifiction : BE Civil
Experience : 1
7 Name : Mr. A. R. Bhalerao
Desianation : Lab Assistant
Qualifiction : ITI
8 Name : Mr. A. P. Shinde
Desianation : Lab Assistant
Qualifiction : DCE
9 Name : Mr. P. B. Giri
Desianation : Lab Assistant
Qualifiction : DCE
10 Name : Mr. S. Mandlik
Desianation : Peon
Qualifiction : IT



“To create opportunities for rural students to become able engineers and technocrats through continual excellence in engineering education.”


“To self-disciplined, physically fit, mentally robust, and morally strong engineers and technocrats with high degree of integrity and sense of purpose who are capable to meet challenges of ever advancing technology for the benefit of mankind and nature.”

Name of Programme
Diploma in Civil Engineering.
Sanctioned Intake - Regular  60   
Duration: 3 Years
Course Code: CE

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